Sanitary and hygienic paper for farm animals

Sanitary-hygienic paper for animals (sanitary-hygienic paper (SGB) or tissue paper) is a special type of thin crepe paper having a low mass per square meter (usually from 13 to 40 g/sq.m.) and intended for processing into paper sanitary—hygienic products: toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, paper disposable medical products, etc. Tissue is made on special paper-making machines (BDM) from both primary (bleached coniferous or deciduous cellulose) and secondary fiber (waste paper).

  • Udder Paper
  • Udder wiping paper in rolls
  • Paper for dry and wet cleaning of the udder

Disposable napkins made of crepe paper are used to treat cows' udders before milking. The use of disposable napkins protects the cow's udder from cross-infection with mastitis. Upon contact with moisture, the napkin does not get wet like ordinary paper, does not lose its shape and has increased absorbent properties. When wetted in a disinfectant solution, the wipes become like a soft cloth: they do not tear, do not lose their shape.

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