FIBERBOARD production in Russia СТО 00280459-013-2019

Fiberboard (FIBERBOARD) is a sheet material made by molding. hot pressing or drying of wood fibers. Such a building material as fiberboard is quite well-known and widely used all over the world: when performing construction work (wall panels), in the production of household goods, furniture (cabinets); as a container, packaging product (gift boxes).

If you decide to buy fiberboard of our production, check out the favorable offers of our factory from the manager. We always have on sale fiberboard of the main format 1700 x 2745 x 3.2 mm STO 00280459-013-2019

Format 1700 x 2745 x 3.2 mm

Which are widely used in the furniture industry. Wood-fiber plate of the TC brand, group A and B according to STO 00280459-013-2019.

We serve both wholesale and retail customers, offering them first-class products at a bargain price from the manufacturer.