Fiberboard White 8904-2014 1700x2745x3.5mm


FIBERBOARD 3.5mm thick white decor produced by TURA is used in the manufacture of furniture (back walls of cabinets and other pieces of furniture, lower walls in drawers, various furniture parts), in interior decoration of premises.

Characteristics of FIBERBOARD

The color of the FIBERBOARD White
Layer thickness in mm 3.5
Plate width in mm 1700
Plate length in mm 2745
Sheets in a bundle 150
FIBERBOARD Packing sheets 2
Manufacturer Russia, Turinsk
Stamp Т,Т-С
Moisture resistance Usual


Fiberboard is a sheet material in demand in construction and furniture production. FIBERBOARD belongs to the segment of environmentally friendly products. The sheets are made from wood waste (for example, shavings or chips). To improve the operational parameters of the material, manufacturers add paraffin, antiseptics and ceresin. All components are mixed with glue and pressed at very high pressure and temperature.

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