Packaging paper (tissue paper) from Russia

Paper for packaging goods (clothes, shoes) and other products from Russia

  • Tissue paper or, as it is also called, tissue wrapping paper is a thin, delicate and attractive decorative paper of different shades. It is made in our production from bleached sulfate cellulose obtained from the wood of coniferous trees.
  • Packaging paper is used to fill the empty space in gift boxes, bags or bags, giving the packaging extra volume and splendor. The paper crumples slightly when put into the packaging, without losing its presentability.
    Easy to work with, the paper with silence allows you to quickly and conveniently pack items, even the most complex shapes. Due to this, this decorative paper is used for packaging goods and souvenirs in stores of expensive clothes, shoes and perfumes, gifts and flowers, as well as confectionery and stationery, giving them special significance.
  • A paper bag with a tishyu paper will acquire an original and elegant appearance, emphasizing the special status of your product or gift. A seemingly simple packaging element perfectly complements any packaging, making it bright and festive.
  • Using our tishyu paper for packaging at your production or store, you will be able to give any purchase brightness and individuality and give visitors pleasant emotions. This will undoubtedly affect the quality of customer service in your institution, as well as increase their loyalty.
  • The surface of the paper can be used to apply a special drawing or advertising information. The use of tishyu paper with the application of your logo or brand symbols is a great way to emphasize the individual style of your institution, giving your products a more presentable and bright appearance.