Polymer-sanded paving slabs, black from Russia

Polymer sanded paving slabs color black

It is used for the arrangement of the road surface (sidewalks, homesteads, parking lots, industrial and warehouse premises, etc.). The possibility of fastening plates together with a bolted connection.

The polymer–sanded tile has successfully passed the tests and corresponds in strength, in tensile and bending tests, in abrasion it belongs to the G1 brand, water absorption is 0.7%, frost resistance is more than 200 cycles of freezing / thawing.

Polymer-sanded tiles appeared on the domestic construction market relatively recently. Such an innovation caused some distrust among buyers, but gradually polymer slabs proved their superiority over traditional pressed and cast concrete tiles.

Technology of production of polymer-sanded tiles

When developing polymer–sanded tiles, technologists set themselves the task of creating a durable and frost-resistant material with a long service life. I must say that they did it and the performance characteristics of polymer-sanded tiles surpassed cement paving stones in many respects.

Technical characteristics of polymer-sand paving slabs

The technical characteristics of the tile depend on the quality of the raw materials used, the structure of the working mixture and the production equipment. However, it is possible to distinguish the general characteristics of polymer-sanded paving slabs:

  • density 1600-1800 kg/m3;
  • tile sizes – 700*700*100 mm;
  • the weight of one tile is 33-42 kg;
  • mass water absorption – 0.15 %;
  • abrasion resistance of the material – 0.05-0.1 g/cm2;
  • frost resistance – more than 200 cycles;
  • water resistance – 0.3%;
  • flexural and compressive strength – 17-25 MPa;
  • withstands temperature fluctuations in the range from -70 °C to +95 ° C;
  • resistance to UV radiation, alkaline and acidic environment, the spread of fungi and moss;
  • thermal conductivity – 2800 J/m2 sec;
  • the service life is about 50 years.

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