A3 TOUR Office Paper

Масса бумага площадью 1 м2, г 80±3,0
Толщина, мкм 104±4,0
Белизна с ООВ по ISO, % Не менее 98
Непрозрачность, % Не менее 90
Размер листа. мм А3 420*297 (±0,5)
Предельные отклонения по косине листа, мм Не более 0,5
Количество листов в пачке А3 500±2%
Количество пачек в коробке 5*500 листов

TURA A3 office paper is one of the most premium paper options in offices. It is manufactured at the production of JSC "Turin Central Bank" – the largest producer of paper in the Urals. TURA office paper has a density of 80 ± 3.0 g/m2, ideal for solving office tasks, and the opacity level of 90% allows double-sided printing. The whiteness value is 98% OOB, ISO and CIE: 146%: Office TOUR paper is perfectly white. The thickness of the sheet of 104 ± 4.0 microns and other features of the A3 TOUR paper determined the main advantage of the model: this office paper is able to be stored for a long time without loss of quality and whiteness.

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