Production of base paper for moisture-proof towels of the BP brand in Russia

The base paper for moisture-proof towels of the BP brand is used in public institutions today. They belong to the essentials, without which it is difficult to imagine the work of a cafe, restaurant, office, hotel, organization and enterprise. In comparison with traditional cloth towels and air dryers, they have a number of advantages: they do not accumulate odors, and also get rid of a whole range of measures for washing towels made of fabric, are convenient to use, since they require 5 times less time to dry hands than electric dryers and reduce the total number of bacteria by 77%, at the same time, it does not injure the skin of the hands at all.

For institutions and catering establishments, sheet paper towels in combination with a special dispenser are most relevant, as they provide quick and easy separation of towels by one sheet, which greatly simplifies use.

The base paper for moisture-proof towels is made of natural material and does not irritate the skin STO 00280459-004-2016

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