Offset paper cast STO 00280459-006-2016 brands O and A

Offset Paper from Russia

Offset paper is intended for printing book and magazine products by offset method, production of paper for office equipment of consumer formats, production of paper and white products. Offset paper is made in our production in rolls of bleached bisulfite cellulose with the use of optical bleaching agent (OOV) in accordance with STO 00280459-006-2016 grades O and A. The paper of the O brand is intended for printing illustrative and textual multicolored publications and for the production of office paper for printing on inkjet and laser printers and other copying and multiplying equipment. The A-grade paper is intended for printing illustrative and textual multicolored publications.

Quality indicators

Brand O / Brand A
Paper weight with an area of 1m2, g 50±3; 55±3; 60+3/-2; 65±2,5; 70±3; 75±3; 80±3; 90±3;
100±4; 115±4; 120±4
Thickness, microns from 50g to 80g over 80g to 120g 67-108 / 110-154
Density, g/cm3 from 50g to 55g / from 60g to 80g / from 90g to 120g 0,63-0,70 / 0,65-0,85 / 0,75-0,95
Surface absorbency (Cobb30), g/m2 no more 30
Whiteness (brightness) according to ISO, % nevertheless 98 / 94
Whiteness according to CIE, % nevertheless 142 / 140
Opacity, %, not less than 50-60 g / 65-80 g / 85-120 g 88 / 90 / 93
Mass fraction of ash, % no more 17
Humidity, % 3,6-5,3
Smoothness, with nevertheless 35
Soreness (number of sores per 1m2) with an area of 0.1 to 0.5 mm2 no more 80 / 100
Surface strength of the upper side according to Dennison, Dennison standards nevertheless 12
Breaking length in the machine direction, m nevertheless 3500